Battlepass configuration


Step 1: Download BattlePass

To install BattlePass, first, you need to download it. You can find the download links in the Download Links section.

Step 2: Install the plugin

  • Plugin Installation:

    • After downloading, locate the BattlePass file.

    • Move this file to your server's plugins folder.

  • Server Restart:

    • Restart your server. Once restarted, BattlePass will be ready for use!

Creating a Battlepass

Step 1: Accessing the Editor

  • To start creating a BattlePass, execute the command: /battlepassadmin editor.

  • For more information about commands, refer to the Commands section.

Step 2: Create a New Battlepass

  • Once the menu opens, click on 'Create new battlepass'.

  • Enter the name of your BattlePass in the chat when prompted.

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