This section provides detailed explanations of the commands available in the Documents plugin. These commands allow administrators and players to manage, view, and interact with documents within the game.

For Administrators

  • /documentadmin reload

    • Description: Reloads the plugin files. This command is useful when changes have been made to the plugin's configuration or files and need to be applied without restarting the server.

    • Usage: /documentadmin reload

  • /documentsadmin set-register-location

    • Description: Sets the location for document registration. This defines where players need to go to register their documents.

    • Usage: /documentsadmin set-register-location

    • Note: This command may require additional parameters such as coordinates or a specific area name, depending on your plugin's configuration.

  • /documentsadmin showDocuments <playerName>

    • Description: Displays the documents associated with a specific player.

    • Usage: /documentsadmin showDocuments [playerName]

    • Example: /documentsadmin showDocuments JohnDoe

  • /documentadmin unregister <playerName>

    • Description: Unregisters and removes all documents associated with a specified player. This command is used to clear a player's document data.

    • Usage: /documentadmin unregister [playerName]

    • Example: /documentadmin unregister JohnDoe

For Players

  • /documents give <player>

    • Description: Allows a player to give their document to another player. This command is used for transferring documents between players.

    • Usage: /documents give [playerName]

    • Example: /documents give JaneDoe

  • /documents show

    • Description: Displays the document currently held by the player. This command is used to view the details of the player's own document.

    • Usage: /documents show

  • /documents register

    • Description: Opens the registration menu for documents. This command is used by players to register and create their documents.

    • Usage: /documents register

Arguments and Aliases

You can easily customize command arguments and aliases for the Documents Plugin in the config.yml file.

Change Command Arguments

  • Path: commands section.

  • Usage: Replace default arguments.

  • Example:

    yamlCopy codecommands:
        give: "dai"
        show: "mostra"
        register: "registrati"

Set Aliases

  • Path: aliases section.

  • Usage: Create alternative names for commands.

  • Example:

    yamlCopy codealiases:
        - da
        - admin-documents
        - doc
        - documento

Remember to save the config.yml file and reload the plugin for changes to take effect.

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