Follow the steps below to set up an Avampost:

1. Define the Avampost region.

  • Ensure you have WorldGuard installed.

  • Set two positions using //wand.

  • Define the region using the command: /region define [name].

  • Activate the avampost system by setting the flag with: /region flag [name] avampost-system true.

2. Define the Avampost File

  • Duplicate the example "avamposto" (which refers to the OutPostID) provided in the initial file.

  • Rename the outpostID to a unique identifier.

  • Update the region to match the name you set up in the previous step.

  • Update the MythicMobs entry with a mob that exists in your MythicMobs configuration.

Once done, you're ready to play and capture the Avampost!

Setting up Avampost rewards:

Rewards are executed as console commands, allowing the use of the variable %player%:

  • Execute /avampost admin edit and select "modify avampost".

  • Choose the avampost you wish to modify and navigate to "Rewards".

  • Click "Add new Reward" and input the desired console command (omit the initial '/').

    • Example: To send a message, input: say %player% has conquered the Avampost!

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