Overview: The Motels plugin introduces an interactive system for managing motels within the game, offering distinct commands for both administrators and players. This guide outlines the functionalities available through these commands.

Admin Commands

  • Check Expiry (/moteladmin check): Verifies if motel bookings have expired.

  • Reload Plugin (/moteladmin reload): Reloads all plugin files.

  • Player Vault Inspection (/moteladmin vault <playerName> <motelName>): Checks the vault of a specified player at a specific motel.

  • Add New Motel (/moteladmin add <motelRegionId> <price> <displayName>): Creates a new motel with specified region ID, price, and display name.

  • Remove Motel (/moteladmin remove <motelRegionId>): Deletes an existing motel.

  • Set Location (/moteladmin set-location <motelRegionId>): Sets the location of a motel.

  • Help (/moteladmin help): Displays help information for admin commands.

  • Menu (/moteladmin menu): Opens the motel administration menu.

  • Set Display Name (/moteladmin set-displayname <motelRegionId> <displayName>): Sets or changes the display name of a motel.

  • Bug Report (/moteladmin bugreport): Generates a bug report for the plugin.

Player Commands

  • Buy Motel Room (/motel buy [motelName]): Buys a motel room. The motel name is optional.

  • Motel Information (/motel info): Displays detailed information about the motel.

  • Sell Motel (/motel sell): Sells the player's motel.

  • Access Motel Vault (/motel vault): Opens the player’s motel room vault.

  • Rent Management (/motel rent <action>): Manages rental payments and extensions.

  • Rental Information (/motel rent info): Shows details about the player’s current rental.

  • Motel Menu (/motel menu): Opens a menu encompassing all motel-related functions.

  • Visit Other Motels (/motel visit <targetPlayer>): Visits another player's motel if visitable.

  • Teleport to Motel (/motel teleport <targetPlayer>): Teleports to a player's motel.

  • Explore Motels (/motel explore): Opens the explore motel interface.

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