The following placeholders provide essential information about outposts for use in conjunction with KingdomsX. They are designed to retrieve various details about a specific outpost, identified by its

Placeholder List

  1. Cooldown Placeholder %outpost_<outpostname>_cooldown% Returns the cooldown period (in seconds) for the specified outpost. This is useful for tracking wait times between uses.

  2. Name Placeholder %outpost_<outpostname>_name% Retrieves the display name of the outpost. This name is typically used for identification in commands and user interfaces.

  3. Description Placeholder %outpost_<outpostname>_description% Provides a brief description of the outpost. This can include information about its purpose, benefits, and any unique features.

  4. Claim Status Placeholder (Only for KingdomsX) %outpost_<outpostname>_claim% Indicates which kingdom or player has claimed the outpost. This is particularly important for tracking control and ownership in-game.

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