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BattlePass Installation Guide

Step 1: Download PlaceholderAPI

First, download PlaceholderAPI from its official source. Ensure you have the correct version compatible with your server.

Step 2: Install PlaceholderAPI

  • Installation:

    • Locate the downloaded PlaceholderAPI.jar file.

    • Move this file into your server's plugins folder.

  • Server Restart:

    • After placing the file, restart your server to complete the installation process.

Step 3: Using Placeholders

BattlePass integrates seamlessly with PlaceholderAPI, providing various placeholders to enhance your server experience.

Testing Placeholders

  • To test a placeholder, use the command: /papi parse me <placeholder>

    • Example: /papi parse me %albattlepass_exp%

List of Placeholders

  • Player Experience: %albattlepass_exp%

    • Description: Returns the player's current experience points.

  • Player Level: %albattlepass_level%

    • Description: Shows the player's current BattlePass level.

  • Experience for Level Up: %albattlepass_required_exp%

    • Description: Indicates the amount of experience required for the next level.


You can personalize user experience by modifying messages in the messages.yml file.

Editing Loading Messages

  • Locate messages.yml in the BattlePass plugin folder.

  • Modify the placeholder_loading entry to change the loading message.

    • Example:

# in messages.yml file
placeholder_loading: "Loading.."

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