Commands & Permissions

Explore the detailed usage, permissions, and functionalities of in-game shrine commands in this concise yet comprehensive guide.

Console commands:

This section provides details on the available commands and permissions for managing shrines in the game. These commands are currently under development and are subject to change in future updates.

Player commands:

  1. /shrines help

    • Description: Displays a list of all available commands.

    • Permissions: Differentiates between admin and normal user commands. To view the admin command list, the permission is required.

  2. /shrines editor

    • Description: Opens the editor interface for creating and managing shrines.

    • Permissions: Requires shrines.editor permission.

  3. /shrines teleport

    • Description: Opens the teleportation GUI. Players can unlock shrines based on the permissions configured in the shrine file.

    • Permissions: Requires shrines.teleport for accessing the menu.

  4. /shrines reload

    • Description: Reloads all configuration files. Check the console for any errors or warnings.

    • Permissions: Requires shrines.reload.

  5. /shrines set <player> <shrine> [true/false]

    • Description: Sets a shrine as completed or not completed for a specific player.

    • Permissions: Requires shrine.admin.

Permission Overview

  • /shrines editor

    • Required permission: shrine.editor

  • /shrines reload

    • Required permission: shrine.reload

  • /shrines set

    • Required permission: shrine.admin

  • /shrines help

    • Admin commands: Requires

  • Admin Tab Completer

    • Required permission: shrine.admin.tabcompleter

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