WorldGuard Integration Guide

To integrate WorldGuard with our plugin, follow these steps to ensure a seamless setup. This guide will help you to restrict access to a specific area for players without registered documents, enhancing control and gameplay dynamics.


  • WorldGuard Plugin: Ensure WorldGuard is installed and running on your server.

Steps for Setup

  1. Create a Region:

    • Firstly, define a region within WorldGuard. This region will act as a controlled area where you want to enforce document registration.

  2. Set the Flag:

    • Once the region is created, you need to set a custom flag - documents-registration-flag to DENY. This flag will prevent unregistered players from leaving the specified region until their documents are successfully registered.

By setting this flag to DENY, you effectively create a mechanism that ensures all players within the designated area are registered, enhancing both security and immersion within your server.

For more detailed instructions on creating regions and setting flags in WorldGuard, please refer to the official WorldGuard documentation.

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