Configuring custom permissions for Avampost interactions.

Settings Avampost requirements

Within the Avampost configuration, you can specify custom permissions. These permissions dictate user actions such as entering, starting, or claiming rewards from the Avampost.

How to Set Custom Permissions:

  1. Navigate to ConfigGUI.

  2. Select the desired outpost.

  3. Go to Requirements.

  4. Choose the permission type you wish to set.

This configuration can be found within the avamposts.yml file:

        enabled: false
        permission: 'avampost.test' #Permission to enter in the Avampost
        enabled: false
        permission: 'avampost.test' #Permission to start the Avampost
        enabled: false
        permission: 'avampost.test' #Permission to get rewards

Note: For the requirements-to-join setting, ensure that the flag for the set region is configured to ALLOW with the format: flag: avampost-join-requirement: ALLOW.

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