Need PlaceholderAPI:

  • %documents_name%: Retrieves the player's full name (first name and surname). This can be used to address players more personally in messages or documents within the game.

  • %documents_gender%: Returns the gender of the player. This placeholder allows for gender-specific interactions or content, making the game more inclusive and personalized.

  • %document_age%: Displays the age of the player. This information can be used to tailor content or restrictions based on age, ensuring appropriate gameplay experiences.

Placeholder Loading Behavior

When the information required by a placeholder is not immediately available, the plugin will display a "Not loaded" status. This is a temporary state, indicating that the plugin is in the process of retrieving the necessary data.

Customizing 'Not Loaded' Status

To enhance user experience and maintain immersion, you can customize the message displayed when a placeholder's information is not yet loaded. This customization is done through the messages.yml file, specifically the not_loaded_placeholder_yet setting. By adjusting this setting, you can provide a more fitting message for your server's theme or simply inform players that information is on the way without breaking their immersion.

For example, to change the "Not loaded" status to "Loading...", you would modify the messages.yml file as follows:

yamlCopy codenot_loaded_placeholder_yet: "Loading..."

This small change can significantly improve how players perceive the loading process, making it feel more integrated into the game.

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